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A Tribute to our Sewing Masters!

Do you remember when your passion for sewing started? Was it when you were a kid watching your grandmother sewing on her old Singer for hours? Maybe it was when your mum asked you for help in choosing the fabrics for your dresses or when she showed you how to sew your first doll’s dress?

It might also just have been an old dusty and out of use sewing machine you found in a garage or in a vintage shop, which you immediately fell in love with, wondering how it could ever work? Was it one of those amazing and inspiring sewing bloggers or the creative communities of Instagram and Pinterest?

Was it a creative friend that infected you? Was it one those fantastic sewing reality shows, such as The Great British Sewing Bee for the Brits or Cousu Main in France? Maybe you were lucky to have a true traditional tailor as a great uncle?

Unless it was a fashion designer that you admired? Or was it just that you couldn’t bear any more to follow the crowds into the fast fashion system. We all have a good reason that brought us to sewing… and often there is someone important in your heart at the roots of such a powerful passion…

This is why today Supercut wants to pay a warm tribute to all of those- relatives, sewing teachers, friends, fashion designers or even sewing bloggers- who introduced you to the passion of sewing! It’s very easy, all you need to do is post a photo that represents your own tribute to your sewing master on our Supercut Facebook page. You might want to add a few words to explain it.

The picture that receives the most likes will receive a Supercut Surprise Box with prizes to win! Do not hesitate to ask your friends to “like” your photo to get the most chances.

Moreover, there will be a final drawing for all participants to will a fantastic pair of Supercut fabric shears!



We invite people to pay a tribute to the people (family, seamstress, teacher, etc.), objects (sewing machine, old fabrics, vintage sewing tools), books (sewing patterns magazines, fashion books), sewing blogs (Yes! Even a sewing blogger can be a great source of inspiration), etc. who hooked you into the sewing. Each person has a different story to tell… what’s yours?


It is very easy to enter the contest: take a photo showing who inspired your sewing passion or in everyday life, post it on your Facebook page and/or Instagram using #TRIBUTESEWINGMASTERS and @supercut.it, give it a name and ask your friends to put a like!


The contest is open to everybody in Italy and Europe (see list of countries below). Participation is free and open to everybody above 18 years old .

You need to publish a picture which shows your source of inspiration for your sewing addiction; You don’t have to worry about being exhaustive, you only need to pay a tribute to the person, object, book who hooked you into your sewing passion.  The picture can be an old picture, could also just capture a feeling, a way of doing things, a memory of your “sewing master”. It could also be a sewing pattern or maybe a portrait of your sewing master (please make sure the person is ok with being published online).

The important thing is that your picture is not a picture you took from the web and has no pertinence to your own story. All people organizing the event are forbidden to participate.

You must share your picture on your socials with the hashtag indicated below and ask your friends to “like” it.


You can share your picture and story (it is best if you explain/caption your tribute) from September 22 to October 3, at 12 o’clock (GMT+1) on your own Facebook or Instagram account using the hashtag #TRIBUTESEWINGMASTERS and tagging @supercut.it. Each person can only share one picture with caption/comment.

When the contest is over, the four pictures with the most likes will be the winners.


Prizes will be 4: two for Facebook and two for Instagram.

– The first prize Instagram and Facebook: a pair of professional sewing scissors offered as prizes by Premax.
– The second prize Instagram and Facebook, a six-month subscription to the magazine La Mia Boutique, only for Italian winners, or Supercut fabric of the same par value for foreign winners.

The results of the photo contest will be published on the Facebook page SUPERCUT, on our official blog www.supercutblog.com and on our Instagram account. The winner must contact Supercut to communicate the address to send the prize to. Supercut will announce the winners on October 3 2016 at 12.00 (GMT+1)


The photographic contest, “Tribute to our sewing masters” is organised by Supercut – tessuti & online fabrics shop – in collaboration  with Premax sewing scissors and the Italian sewing pattern magazine La Mia Boutique.

The event will be held between 22th september and 3rd october.

This contest does nor require specific authorization from Italian law D.P.R. n. 430 del 26/10/2001, articolo 6.

Picture’s Format

There aren’t any formal restrictions to the picture format. We do not accept downloaded pictures from the Internet unless there is a real link to your story (and that you are sure you can use them).


  • Each participant is responsible for his/her publication. In case you publish a picture of somebody else, please make sure this person is aware of it, and that she is ok with it. (art. 10 of italian law  675/96 e successiva modifica con D.Lgs. del 30 Giugno 2003 n. 196)
  • Supercut will not be held responsible for the pictures that are published.

Countries who can enter

Italy – France – Great Britain – Belgium – Spain – Portugal – Netherlands – Irland – Sweden Germany – Austria – Luxambourg – Poland – Czech republic – Slovakia – Slovenia – Hungary – Monaco – Estonia – Finland – Greece – Latvia – Lithuania – Romania

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  1. Alfio ha detto:

    Grazie per aver condiviso questo post interessante. Sto facendo cucire per l’ultimo uno anno di lavoro con “SEWSHOP” macchina da cucire Necchi N85. così non ho mai provato concorso fotografico. Se stai organizzando questa competizione questa è una buona cosa per tutti coloro che vogliono partecipare.

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